Electronic Actuator (G149)

Electronic Actuator (G221)


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This electronic actuator is compatible with the following

Car Make Car Model Turbo Part Number
Ford Mondeo 728680
Ford Mondeo 758226
Jaguar X-Type 728680
Jaguar X-Type 758226

Electronic actuation is a growing trait of turbocharger control for both passenger and commercial vehicles with diesel engines from 1.4L. Modern turbochargers tend to have electronic actuators and they can be identified as a ‘black box’ which would be mounted onto the compressor housing of the turbocharger which would be connected to the VNT. Electronic Actuators (Actuation) in comparison to pneumatic actuators provide a much faster response and a more responsive, precise control for VNT turbochargers.

This type of actuation offers faster response then its pneumatic opposite. Turbo control is a lot more precise due to the position sensing. This therefore helps to improve engine performance and fuel economy.