Welcome to TURBO VANES, website, shop & blog. We are the VNT turbo boost specialists.
TURBO VANES is here to help you with common problems related to VNT turbo vanes, fitted to most diesel VNT turbochargers.
Is your diesel car suffering from the following symptoms? Lack of power, over boosting, under boosting, no power, VNT turbo vanes sticking, low boost, limp mode, low power, limp home mode. Then TURBO VANES can help you with a choice of quality replacement turbo nozzle ring or turbo vanes as they are called these days , form stock for fast delivery in the uk.
Why buy a new diesel turbocharger when you can repair your own ( DIY ) diesel vnt turbos for a fraction of the cost by replacing the turbo nozzle ring on your turbo.
TURBO VANES offers, various VNT turbo cleaner products for a quick fix, we also offer brand new replacement VNT turbo vanes, and two types of VNT turbo actuators, vacuum actuators and electronic actuators.
With huge stocks here at TURBO VANES we can offer UK delivery within 1-3 days, no exchange needed so saving you return costs and hassle. Full 12 months guarantee against defective VNT turbo vanes and turbo actuators.
TURBO VANES also offer free technical support by email or request a call back to you or your mechanic. We supply vw turbo vanes , audi turbo vanes , seat turbo vanes , skoda turbo vanes , bmw turbo vanes , mercedes turbo vanes , and a whole lot more .